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What You Need to Know to Sound Like You've Read the Book


I know that you’re a professional, have done hundreds of interviews, and you’re great at what you do. And I’m sure that part of the reason is because you’re prepared. And while it would be great if you read the book, I know you’re busy and I don’t expect you to. This is why I created a press kit with links, benefits from the book, bullet points, takeaways, interesting facts, and summaries. My hope is that this will add value to your listeners, readers, or viewers.

During our interview, I will be fully engaged. My entire focus is to make you look good and deliver value to your audience. My goal is to serve you, not the other way around. I know that if I do this well, your audience will feel served and will naturally be interested in the book.

I’ve created this press kit to make your job easier. If you need anything else, please email me. I can’t wait for our chat.

Anita McLaurin

P.S. Once the interview posts, please send me all the relevant links. I’d love to send traffic your way. 

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Book Summary


Nearly every child has aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up. Fast forward their lives and almost 8 in 10 of them, as adults, aren’t working in their gifts and talents. And we see the impact. Millions of adults are squandering their talents and wasting their time in jobs they don’t love. They feel trapped and dissatisfied. Where did it start? Many times, it started in childhood. My Father Said I Could is about four siblings who have big dreams and how they overcome doubt, fear, and naysayers by listening to one steady, comforting voice.

This inspiring book teaches children…

· How to handle the doubt, unbelief, and fear in others as well as in themselves

· The timeless lesson of continuing to ask, seek and knock for opportunities

· To explore their own unique gifts and talents

· To learn to accept the twists and turns that life brings while continuing to pursue their own destiny despite the many voices they hear along the way.

Author, coach, and speaker Anita McLaurin paints a picture of four siblings who have big dreams. Their father equips them with the tools to follow their dreams, so they can experience the freedom to pursue their own path, utilize their gifts and talents, and live a life of significance.



My Father Said I Could Book Trailer


My Father Said I Could is about four siblings who have big dreams and how they overcome doubt, fear, and naysayers by listening to one steady, comforting voice.

Why Anita's Message is Important


Without a father in the home, children may be at risk.


  • An estimated 24.7 million children (33%) live absent their biological father.
  • 57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children are living absent their biological fathers.
  • Of students in grades 1 through 12, 39 percent (17.7 million) live in homes absent their biological fathers.
  •  According to 72.2% of the U.S. population, fatherlessness is the most significant family or social problem facing America.


Affirmations from the father helps children with their identity.


  •  Affirmations that help children to believe in themselves (confidence), recognize that they are good at something (competence) and encourage them to share their gift/skill with others (contribution) are essential building blocks of resiliency.
  •  According to "What Can the Federal Government Do To Decrease Crime and Revitalize Communities?" from the U.S. Department of Justice, children from fatherless homes account for 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions.


Involvement of a father improves kids’ emotional lives.


From a study based on 17,000 children born in the United Kingdom in 1958 who were followed up with at ages 7, 11, 16, 23 and 33:

  • Children with involved fathers have less emotional and behavioral difficulties in adolescence.
  • Teenagers who feel close to their fathers in adolescence go on to have more satisfactory adult marital relationships.
  • Girls who have a strong relationship with their fathers during adolescence showed a lack of psychological distress in adult life.
  • When fathers are involved, their children learn more, perform better in school and exhibit healthier behavior.

Sample Interview Questions

Additional Information


1. Tell us about your book.

2. What inspired you to write a children’s book?

3. What age groups benefit most from reading your book?

4. What do you consider the most important part of your book?

5. You’re an award-winning author. What is the name of the award and what process did you have to go through?

6. It seems like most people write about Mothers. Why did you choose to write about Fathers?

7. You and your team now put on the My Father Said I Could Workshops™.  All races of children and parents attend. Some workshops are held in schools and community centers and some are soon to be online. What feedback are you getting from the children? What results are you seeing? 

8. How did a children’s book turn into a seminar and an online course for women?

9. Are you working on any other projects?

10.Anita, what’s the best way to contact you for book readings, teen workshops, and women’s courses?         


11.Where can we find your books?